A local taste


Ah yes, the Local Standard Ale, the prettiest can of them all and the fairest in the land. Unfortunately, it also wins the award as my least favourite beer out of the lot.

I understand what this drop was going for but it didn’t really stand out enough to please my tastebuds.

It was better than some middys however and had a bit of bite about it. It’s a sessionable ale with galaxy hops and a little bit of limey/citrusy go about it.

I should also mention that I’m probably not the target market here – as a LOCAL standard ale and being from somewhere not called Torquay maybe it’s not supposed to be a hit with me?


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Sean Carroll

Since joining ManSpace magazine and thanks to the 'In the Drink' section, I've progressed from a strictly Carlton Draught/ VB drinker to a Carlton Draught/ VB drinker that occasionally tries some super weird fruity things. I think we can call that progress.

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