A seriously juicy NEIPA


I’m well aware of the fact that Dainton’s Blood Orange New England IPA will divide opinions. It’s not for everyone.

In fact, the three people I drank it with scrunched up their faces when I told them how delicious it was. They all told me I was weird. I had another sip and nodded with a little sparkle in my eye because I knew their cans were soon to be mine.

What a time to be alive when a beer packs blood oranges in and, for mine and many others (just not my mates), does something special to the tastebuds.

It’s a juicy beer, man!

While throwing this frothy back I was trying to think of the right way to describe it, and I struggled. But landed on a blood orange spider… just better. It comes in with an ABV of 6% and will resonate with people who like sours, IPAs and, well, flavour.

Thanks Dainton. This one can stay!


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