A Tape that really Measures Up


Ever since the first Lufkin wood rule was produced in 1869, the brand has set the benchmark for measuring on the job site and it’s easy to see why. Tough, accurate and Australian made, the Lufkin Multiread Tapes are built for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts who know the real deal when they see them.

The award winning Multiread tapes provide a compact design allowing for smooth, easy retraction with just the touch of a finger. The handy wide ended hooks are a tradie’s best friend, making holding and precision marking easier than ever before.

When it comes to serious construction jobs, there’s no substitute for a dependable measuring tape. Put through more tests than Ricky Ponting, Lufkin Tapes are 100% inspected for accuracy and comfortably exceeds the Australian Standard to ensure the highest quality products are delivered time after time.

Available in six metre or nine metre metric, the Multiread Tapes 90 degree case fits perfectly between work edges. The centre scale compensates for the cases length for precise internal measuring. Whether you’re left or right handed, Lufkin have provided the perfect tape measure for everyone on the job site. Built with a unique white blade and hi-viz casing, you’ll never misplace your tape again.

Lufkin Australian made tapes not only pass the Australian Standard tests, they well and truly exceed them. Whether you’re a professional or just a passionate DIYer, you’ll find that Lufkin’s tape measure up unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.


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