Astell & Kern releases luxury portable audio player


Astell & Kern has released the SA700, a luxury potable audio brand that has upgraded on its latest offering. The It’s packed full of innovative features that continue to pioneer the analogue audio market.

After its debut in 2013, the AK120 was the first portable player in the world to feature Dual DACs. The SA700 follows its success and features the latest DAC and amplifier design technology, coupled with the nostalgic look of its predecessor.

The player features an LED volume wheel that demonstrates the evolution of the brands signature analogue design.

Depending on the bit depth of the song being played, the LED will light up in different colours of red, green, blue and purple, and depending on the volume, the colour saturation of the LED changes as you raise or lower the volume with 150 levels of color intensity.

Its LED wheel function goes beyond aesthetics and serves as an indicator of information about the song being played and volume level.

The SA700 features dual AK4492 DACs, 32 bit/384kHz PCM, and native support for DSD256 playback and is expected to be released in December of this year.


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