Bang & Olufsen debut clash of colours with latest range


The new seasonal collection of headphones from Bang & Olufsen displays a clash of colours in a monochrome styling. The new colours are a tan, chestnut brown and a peony pink colour, with not every product having access to each colour.

The products included in the new colour scheme are the Beoplay H9, E6, A1 and P6 variants.

Top-of-the-line Beoplay H9 wireless headphones with active noise cancellation, aluminium touch interface and voice assistant controls are available in peony and chestnut seasonal variants.

Beoplay A1, a portable Bluetooth speaker for music and calls which packs a punch well beyond its size is available in the seasonal colours of tan, chestnut and peony.

The lightweight in-ear headphones, the Beoplay E6 are the only products released in purely peony pink. This adds extra character to its small and compact design.

The seasonal colour variants are available now.


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