Barley Griffin: if mowing the lawn was a drink


The first time I tried Bentspoke’s Barley Griffin was at the 2019 Spilt Milk festival in Ballarat. I won’t lie, I only started drinking it because they were out of Furphy’s and it was between Bentspoke, a brewer I hadn’t heard of and Iron Jack… easy choice there (if the answer to anything is ‘Iron Jack’, you’re asking the wrong questions).

I enjoyed it and when Bentspoke sent over their range of beers, I got to enjoy the Barley Griffin again. It’s quite subtle for a pale ale and the fruity tones don’t overpower you. Very easy drinking and just like the Mort’s Gold, lovely drop and could definitely see myself smashing a few out on a hot summer’s day.

I wouldn’t expect anything less as the Barley Griffin, named after the artificial Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, was chosen as one of the first two brews to be canned and sent out across the country. What a great choice, this sessionable ale should be a staple at all BBQ’s this summer.

In terms of design, it’s very tame but that’s understandable as it’s one of the core range of brews in the Bentspoke offering. But don’t let ‘tame’ be confused with ‘bad’, I’m a sucker for consistency and the range of cans from the Canberra brewery is simple and attractive.

I’ll see you over the Christmas break Barley Griffin.


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