Become a crafty desi driver with the finger lime Cerveza


The first drink I tried from the Sobah combo pack was the finger lime Cerveza. I’m a big fan of finger limes and an even bigger fan of Mexican beer (not just Coronas, actual Mexican beers), so I was looking forward to it going in.

A theme with the Sobah range of non-alcoholic drinks is that, obviously, there’s no alcohol. Upon tasting you can tell they’re trying to emulate some of the bitterness of a standard beer and they’ve done a pretty good job. My only complaint is that they’re a bit sweeter than standard beers, something I was hoping they wouldn’t be.

I’ve tried a few non-alcoholic drinks before and they still taste as strong and as bitter. I don’t see why a non-alcoholic craft beer range should go the sweet direction, rather than bitter like the drink it’s imitating.

The citrusy and zesty flavours of this drink hit you first and it’s refreshing, as a Cerveza should be. The finger lime was grown in northern NSW and south east Queensland and is rich in folate, potassium and Vitamins C and E.

As a self-proclaimed label connoisseur, the entire Sobah range looks beautiful and the Cerveza takes the cake. The coloured Sobah artwork on an aluminum backdrop makes it look really authentic and I love it. The others look great too, but including the silver of the can in the design is something I haven’t seen in a long time and it gets my vote.

To sum it up, the finger lime Cerveza is worth trying, the citrus flavours are strong and delicious but the slight sweetness loses me. If you’re into fruity beers, this is your go to.


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