Fortitude Pacer Pale Ale


FORTITUDE_PACER (2)Fortitude stands for honesty, integrity, courage and determination. The brewery operates from the top of Mount Tamborine, in the Gold Coast Hinterland – an idyllic place that allows for brewing fresh, clean beers with character. Beers made with premium ingredients and integrity. No gimmicks. No shortcuts.

For all the chat that could be had about the location and the beers – nothing inspires them more than working with a team of good people. People with FORTITUDE.

Style: Pale Ale             ABV: 2.6%

Tasting notes from the brewer: When the day is long and you need to be on your A game, you need to pace yourself. This single hop Citra light pale ale will quench your thirst and allow you to go the distance.


Paul Skelton
Paul Skelton


I think this may just be water. And at 2.8%, I may just get a better buzz from water.

Would I buy it again?