Norton Lager


NORTONLAGERSince start-up in 1999 in Paul and Natasha Holgate’s backyard, Holgate Brewhouse brewing company has been producing genuine craft beer from the village of Woodend in Victoria. Brewed, bottled and kegged right here, Holgate’s beers come straight to you from its family-owned brewery.

The team make their beers entirely themselves, bold and brimming with character, carefully constructed with authentic, natural ingredients. No preservatives. No chemicals. No pasteurisation. Just years of brewing lore and an uncompromising approach.

Style: Helles Lager     ABV: 4.3%

Tasting notes from the brewer: The beer is brewed with 100% malt (without the adjuncts many of the mass market breweries use) and has some nice Australian dry-hopping at the end, to add the Holgates’ own little twist to it. The lager has just the right amount of bitterness, with a dry finish.


Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris

“Nort for me.”

I struggle to get enthusiastic about lagers at the best of times and today is no different. While this is a refreshing drop with a nice crisp aftertaste, overall I have to say it’s fairly lacklustre.

Drinkers who go for pallid, tasteless beers may well enjoy it, and it’s undeniably a cut above many of the lagers in your local bottle’o, but I just find myself wanting to wash the taste out of my mouth with a Mt Macedon pale ale.

Would I buy it again?
If I had to choose between this and another lager then possibly.

Joe Young
Joe Young

“Subtlety in a bottle.”

This lager would be the plain white shirt of beers; certainly not bad by any stretch but nothing to get really excited about.
It presents another good option for beers drinkers such as myself who likes a beverage without any strong overpowering flavours or lingering aftertastes but rather a beer with subtle undertones making it very easy to drink... almost too easy to drink. Taxi!

Would I buy it again?

Justin Felix
Justin Felix

“Quaff worthy.”

As far as a lager goes, this one is right up there for me. It’s subtle, easy to drink and finishes with a nice honey malt aftertaste. The Holgate’s set out to produce a quaff worthy beer and in my opinion, that’s exactly what they’ve achieved.

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried this beer, and it won’t be the last. It has a kick ass label, pours beautifully with a nice frothy head and goes down a treat.

Would I buy it again?
Indeed. And I look forward to having a pint or two from tap.

Paul Skelton
Paul Skelton

“More. Now.”

Norton Lager from Holgate Brewhouse is a light, refreshing beer that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. There are no distasteful flavours nor aromas – for me, it’s damn well close to perfect (and this is coming from a somewhat-perfectionist).

In fact, I would describe this drop as the Adam Hills of beer – inoffensive and bright, and it would be easy to drink enough to leave you one-legged.

If your local has Norton on tap, I strongly recommend you give it whirl. Then, as a thank you, feel free to send me a bottle or two.

Would I buy it again?
Without hesitation.