Three Troupers Pale Ale


TTPA01The Three Troupers, William, Macgregor and George, cousins from Balmoral in Scotland, travelled to the Victorian goldfields in the summer of 1853. With next to nothing in their sporrans (and even less under their kilts), but with their heads crammed with native wit, they determined to seek their fame and fortune.

They succeeded in this ambition, not through sinking shafts – or, as they put it in their blunt Gaelic way, “digging holes in the ground” – but through making a far more valuable, and less taxing discovery: liquid gold.

Tasting notes from the brewer: This premium, full flavoured beer is brewed from a generations’ old family recipe, using the finest malted grains, hops and the clearest natural water. It was, without doubt, William Troup’s beverage of choice. William, who travelled with his two cousins from Balmoral in Scotland to the Victorian goldfields in 1883, considered this fruity, hoppy, golden coloured pale ale to be a far more valuable discovery than any gold – even though both are to be found in bars.

Style: Pale Ale ABV 4.5% 



Jacob Harris
Jacob Harris

"Pales in comparison"

I’m always keen to try a pale ale as it’s one of my favourite styles. I’ve got to say though, for me, Three Troupers fell short of the mark with this one. This brew doesn’t exhibit the hoppy aromas I look for in a pale ale, although to be fair I’ve noticed this is a bit of a recurring theme with ‘Australian pale ales’ such as Matilda Bay’s Lazy Yak and Lord Neilson’s Three Sheets. Three Troupers is an easy-drinking drop though and for those of you who aren’t after big bold flavours it could be one to look out for.

Would I buy it again? Nah, probably not.

Paul Skelton
Paul Skelton

“The sweet life”

When I first tasted the Three Troupers Pale Ale, I liked it but I thought it may be too sweet to drink a lot of. But after a few more mouthfuls, that concern quickly disappeared and this beer became something that I would be quite comfortable drinking in copious amounts.

For pale ale fans, I must point out that the Three Troupers doesn’t really taste like the other pale ales on the market. The flavours are a lot more subdued than the mass market options, so for someone who doesn’t like strong flavoured beer this is quite a good choice.

Would I buy it again? Yep.