Bentspoke Sprocket – rocketing right into my heart


This might be the best thing to come out of Canberra since wicketkeeper Brad Haddin. The Sprocket IPA is wonderful. It takes all the bad parts of IPA’s, throws them out the window and just gives you a tasty little drink.

It’s actually very tame considering it has 7.0% with 2.1 standards in a can as the flavours of the actual beer come first. It has tropical aromas (or “sniffs” as BentSpoke like to call it) and flavours and keeps you coming back for more.

The theme I’ve sensed with BentSpoke beers is their session-ability, made to be drunk at a BBQ or on a hot sunny afternoon, and it’s held up here with the Sprocket. I could sit on this all day if not for its alcohol content.

Regardless, well done to the Sprocket, it has now become my IPA of choice for the foreseeable future.


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Sean Carroll

Since joining ManSpace magazine and thanks to the 'In the Drink' section, I've progressed from a strictly Carlton Draught/ VB drinker to a Carlton Draught/ VB drinker that occasionally tries some super weird fruity things. I think we can call that progress.

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