Can’t travel overseas? The beers come to you


Dan Murphy’s and BWS has added a range of international beers, designed to add a bit of variation to the traditional lager I’m sure everyone has enjoyed at some point in their life.

ManSpace tried the selection of international beers that are now available with some coming from Scandinavia, Germany and Japan.

“In an industry-first, we have partnered with some of the most awarded International breweries to bring an exciting new array of global flavours to Australian shores from some of the most innovative beer-producing regions of the world,” Dan Murphy’s and BSW category manager for beer and cider Harriet Wischer says.

First up was the Mack Isbjørn Lager, a Norwegian pale lager with a light golden hue. It was a lot calmer on the malty notes lagers usually bring and much more crisp than usual. Like all lagers, it’s super easy drinking.

Also included in the kit was the Mack Isbjørn Lite, the lagers lightweight cousin. The recipe gets down to a lower calorie count by containing less malt. Unfortunately, like most light (lite) beers I come across, healthier isn’t always better. If you’re watching the carbs, sure. If you want a good time, stick to the traditional lager.

My favourite brew out of the lot was the KōRUDO Premium Dry Lager, hailing from Japan. Like all Japanese-style beers, it’s extremely crisp and refreshing, and this dry lager has a strong, rich aftertaste.

As the brewery describes the beer: “Like a Samurai warrior, the Japanese brewer displays unparalleled skill, devotion, precision and spirit. Westerners try to emulate the Japanese brewing technique, but none have mastered it in quite the same way.”

The second Japanese beer is the Monsuta Japanese Lager. Similar to its countrybeer (I guess you say that instead of countrymen), it’s an extremely crisp, Japanese lager that goes down a treat.

It’s recommended that it be served in a frozen glass to enjoy at its best at a temperature of 3℃. I’d listen since it has won the AIBA 2021 Champion Bronze Award Winner – (International Style Pilsner); Champion Silver Award Winner – Best Design, Labels/Surface Graphic.

All these brews, and more, are available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS.


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