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It’s getting to that time of the year when you might be thinking about grabbing a few mates and heading off for a break somewhere.



You might have ticked off a few boxes over the years with those mates; the deep-sea fishing trip, the outback experience, walked the pits at the GP in Melbourne, hired a Cessna and headed to Norfolk Island…

Adventures like that last forever in the memory bank, but you need to keep topping up the bucket list or it all gets a bit pedestrian and you stop making the effort.

What about an organised tour around the great car marque museums of Europe and maybe take in a beer festival while in the neighbourhood?

If you want to get away with your mates or hook up with some new company, then a European Car Enthusiast tour might be just the thing.



Tour guide Evan Jones has been a long time car enthusiast and these days is a director of Sydney’s Eastern Creek circuit, so he knows a thing or two about motor heritage. Having previous experience in the travel industry makes him the ideal man to lead such tours.

“Our car enthusiast groups range from four to eight people and we travel in a comfortable mini-bus between the museums, stay in great accommodation and have lots of fun along the way,” says Evan.

Odyssey Travel (a not for profit travel group owned by member Universities around Australia) runs various car tours on a number of departure dates. One tour takes in Italian and French Car Design over 14 days, while the Northern European Car Design trip runs for 21 days and visits the great museums and collections across Sweden and Germany, as well as the Bohemian Skoda Museum in the Czech Republic.

No-one really needs any great reason to get away and explore something a bit different like these tours offer, so just get out there and do it.

For more information on the European Car Enthusiast Tour, go to www.odysseytraveller.com


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