Coopers announces 17th Vintage Ale


The brand new Coopers Extra Strong Vintage encompasses a new combination of hops and enriched malt flavours.

For those of you who aren’t savvy to beer happenings, the release of Vintage Ale is often a much loved event in the liquor trade and this is no exception with launches held in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Coopers’ managing director and chief brewer Dr Tim Cooper says the new grist recipe included a blend of caramalt to give a crimson red colour and a flavour rich in malt, honey and dry nutty characteristics.

“The caramalt contributes well to the balance of bold malt flavours and the softness of a fine and creamy head,” says Tim.

“Vintage Ale is known for its bold and robust selection of hops and this year we have chosen the new bittering and aromatic varieties Denali and Calypso, which deliver a delicate spectrum of fruity aromas, with pineapple and pear characteristics alongside pine and citrus notes.

“Last year’s Vintage used a combination of Astra, Melba, Northern Brewer, Styrian Goldings and Cascade.”

The 2017 Vintage has a bitterness of 50 IBU and will carry well as the beer continues to mature.

Coopers national sales and marketing director Cam Pearce says that due to the availability of the beverage being limited, it’s encouraged that Vintage Ale lovers should get in early.

The 2017 Extra Strong Vintage Ale is the 17th in the series.

Stay tuned for a taste test…


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