#CrackAMacca with Your Mates


Each of Your Mates beers has a character, a mate, on the can and that character exemplifies the style of beer. The first can I tried after Your Mates kindly sent over their core range of brews was the ‘Macca’Aussie larger.

Coming in at 79th on the 2019 GABS Hottest 100, Macca is everything I expected it to be heading in and that’s not a bad thing. While it’s great to try all these fruity beers, something Your Mates do supply, it’s good to know they can make a crackin’ Aussie lager.

“Macca is your adventuraholic mate. There’s no secret to his happiness besides a hot summer’s day and a couple of cold beers. He’s a tru-blu bloke who won’t #crackamacca until he’s got a fish in the boat. Life is never boring with your mate Macca,” as written on the website.

That’s spot on. This drink tastes like your having a nice ol’ time in the hot summer sun. Being a mid-strength (at one standard drink per), it can be enjoyed in the sun all day long.

It tastes crisp, slightly sweet and is very agreeable with the palate. I don’t think you could find any beer drinker that would dislike it; it’s the go-to beer taste.

In terms of can design/labels, I love it. As I’ll get into more with other Your Mates review, each having their own character and persona is a great idea and I think Macca, the epitome of a tru-blu Aussie is perfect for this beer. He’s the sort of guy who just ventured away from Carlton Draught and XXXX and wants to let you know about it.

Very bright colours across the range are also eye-catching and gives each can its only personal spunk.


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