Crumpler bags hit the tofu, adds to its vegan-friendly range


Melbourne-based bagware brand, Crumpler has added to its range of bags made out of vegan-friendly Ecoya Fibre this month. A new colour of ‘flint’ has been added to the range of bags.

“It’s been our main focus to continually introduce new fabrics that provide variety with a tactile experience in stores, but most importantly are consciously produced,” Crumpler head of design Valeria Fioretti says.

The Elemental range of backpacks is designed for everyday use and features five minimal and durable designs.

“The Elemental range is engineered for a sleek look. The smooth fabric – that we ironically call ‘veggie leather’ for its great eco-friendly features – will pass the Crumpler test of time and still remain a top pick for effortless style and comfort,” Valeria says.

Crumpler’s Elemental range has been created ethically using weather resistant ‘veggie leather’ made from 100% recycled polyester Ecoya Fibre.

Another line of bags with sustainability in mind is the Conversation range which includes four new designs: the Dynamo cross body bag, Chronicler Plus and Chronicler Messenger bags and the Abacus backpack.

This range is made up of seven metric tonnes of polyester scrap and off cuts, offering a more conscious solution for backpacks in Australia.


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