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Exit Brewing has launched a brand new look and feel for its award-winning beer collection starting with the release of their IPA and Double IPA.

Founded in 2014, the original design of the brand drew on the IT background of its founders but the change brings in a simpler, more modern and approachable look.

The move away from the original Exit Brewing branding also includes a new logo and font, to provide a much softer scheme and more simplified design. The circle of lines relates to an ongoing process of quality beer making and also nods to the new tagline for the brand – Time for a quick Exit – with the circle signifying time, highlighting a theme of making time for beer enjoyment.

“We wanted to update the design to reflect the changing craft beer market and our evolving Exit customer,” Exit Brewing owner Grum Knight explains.

“It was about going back to basics with the look. We wanted it to be clean and simple, whilst also standing out on the busy craft beer shelf. It’s a more refined look with a retro feel that we hope will resonate with customers, old and new.

“We chose to go down a path that heroes the quality of our beer, as we know this is why we have such a loyal following.”

The new label also points to the four ingredients of beer with the four lines on the cans creating the basis for the new packaging design.

Exit Brewing will also feature key tasting descriptors alongside every beer in the range to further emphasise quality and the ‘no B.S.’ approach the brand is renowned for.

The design, which was created by Small Fortune Studios, was also heavily influenced by reflecting on the current situation with COVID-19 and the impact that it has had on individuals as well as businesses.

“This year has made us all consider what’s important to us and how we want to be represented as a brand,” Grum adds.

“We’re based in Victoria and so have used this time in extended lockdown to really contemplate who we are as a brand and what we want for the future. This has led us down a nostalgic path which is reflected in the design alongside demonstrating our honest, friendly and reliable approach to beer making.”

In an effort to minimise waste, Exit Brewing has opted to wrap their existing stocks of printed cans and sticker over their printed cartons. This is definitely not a cost saving exercise, but instead a responsibility felt by the brewery to utilise existing packaging instead of wasting it.


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