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As part of its commitment to regenerative farming, Farm Hand Organic Wine has partnered with Carbon8, a rural charity that helps farmers improve their soil quality and longevity by transitioning from existing, or more traditional farming techniques, to regenerative farming practises.

“Every bottle of Farm Hand Wine sold goes towards supporting Carbon8, a farmer-led initiative, that helps farmers respond to the impact of droughts, floods and desertification by increasing the carbon in their soil (and thereby its water-holding capacity) through regenerative farming practices,” Fourth Wave Wine general manager Ross Marshall says.

Farm Hand Wines are grown by the Grigoriou family, fourth-generation wine growers, from almost one hundred acres of Organic Vineyards in the Monash Valley of South Australia.  The fertile soil is perfectly suited to Organic Viticulture and the well-established vines, which are up to thirty years old, are planted widely for good airflow to minimise disease pressure. Minimal drip irrigation ensures low yielding fruit with rich flavours and varietal expressiveness.

“With the helping hand of Farm Hand Wines, we have been able to assist a growing number of primary producers including family farms, small-holdings and young farmers switch to sustainable farming methods with the use of tools, equipment and education,” Carbon8 founder and director Helen McCosker says.

“This is an effective, long-term solution to minimising the impact of drought and bush fires on our rural communities.”

This year, Carbon8 will be excited to announce the introduction of a regenerative certification, similar to the certification organic farms receive, so that farmers can be officially ‘certified regenerative’.

“This is a huge step in paving the way for the future sustainability of our farms and of our farming communities, which are an intrinsic part of our culture and heritage,” Helen adds.

By way of additional support to regional areas that have suffered a downturn in tourism because of the pandemic, Farm Hand Wines is offering the chance to win one of six luxury Farm Stay holidays in a competition running through selected liquor stores nationally until 9 November.

“We believe many Australians will welcome the chance to get back to our beautiful country areas and so we have teamed up with a range of fantastic Farm Stays to offer six fully catered holidays including accommodation, transfers and meals. As wine producers, we are very connected to and reliant on rural communities. It is a great opportunity for us to be able to add a bit of support in this way,” Ross says.

The Farm Hand Farm Stay competition is running in all major liquor stores across Australia until 9 November.  For the chance to win, purchase a bottle of Farm Hand, scan the QR code on the neck tag and you will be a given a unique key to open the farm gate.  If your key unlocks the gate, you will win either a luxe eco hamper, a twin-pack of Farm Hand Wines, or go in the running to win chance to win one of six Farm Stay holidays around Australia.

For further information, visit: or @farmhandorganicwines on Instagram.


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