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The good people over at Fever-Tree sent us an assortment of tonics to try including the premium Indian, Mediterranean, elderflower and (last but definitely not least) aromatic. Coming in a neat little four-pack, everyone in the office got to try the range of flavours.

I went straight for the aromatic, a pink-ish coloured tonic that was said to have angostura, cardamom, ginger, vanilla and pimento berry inside its little glass bottle. The first thing you taste is the angostura, immediately tasting like the angostura bitters, of course.

I won’t lie; I didn’t pair this drink with a gin as I just wanted to get a taste of it as soon as I could (in the office). Fever-Tree recommends this flavoured tonic be paired with juniper-rich or navy strength gins and I might have to buy another one of these tonics because that combination sounds wonderful.

The aromatic gets a huge thumbs-up from me. On to the next one: Premium Indian tonic water.

As someone who spends a lot of my tonic-drinking time on just Indian, this was a refreshing upgrade. This tonic passes the first test I have for standard drinks: does it bubble like crazy when I first pour it into my glass?

Well the sticky bench top at home can attest to that. It definitely bubbles up, check.

It tastes wonderful when riding solo and it’s recommended to be paired with a London dry gin. I can vouch for that. When paired with a high-quality gin, you get this wonderful little thing called a high-quality gin and tonic.

The elderflower tonic has so much character. It’s very sweet for a tonic, much sweeter than I expected and call me stupid, but it reminds me a tiny bit of the red frog lollies.

When paired with a floral gin, the elderflower tonic blooms. Even with a more plain gin, this tonic is so flavourful, it just brings the drink to life. I’m definitely heading back for more bottles of this just to experiment. I want to see what else I can do here: I saw someone online try it with vodka and even sweet liqueurs. Worth a shot.

Anyway, story for another time.

Finally, the last drink in the package was the Mediterranean tonic. It was very lemony on first sip and like the others, very bubbly. The entire time I was drinking it, I tasted a lot of citrus with hints of rosemary.

Wonderful stuff.

All in all, I’m going to head back and grab a few more of these tonics, most notably the premium Indian and the elderflower tonic. I would say though, with the sheer range of flavours, grab yourself a four-pack and find what tickles your fancy.


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