Finally, enjoying a strong beer without the downsides


Big Drop Brewing Co. has released two new non-alcoholic brews, the Paradiso IPA and Galactic Milk Stout and the pair are knocking out the notion that non-alcoholic beers can be full on flavour.

ManSpace was lucky enough to get their hands on these brews and I was extremely excited to taste a non-alcoholic take of a milky stout and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Galactic Milk Stout pours well, heads up a bit and it delivers the bold, rich flavour you want from your stout, especially after the chilly weather Melbourne has been experiencing in the past few days. Its rich flavour is more on the chocolatey side of stouts and on the can’s own definition, it falls closer to the ‘rocket to the moon’ side of the scale as opposed to ‘alien invasion’ – can’t be a bad thing.

It clocks in at a 35 on the IBU scale which is impressive for a non-alcoholic beer (0.5% in this case) and I’ll definitely be looping back to grab some more of these.

The Paradiso IPA, another traditional tough beer to make with a limited alcohol content, tastes very similar to an IPA. While I preferred the stout, the IPA had its benefits.

Heading up well on the pour, it weighs in at 42 on the IBU scale and boasts a crisp citrus taste, all big positives.

Going back to the Big Drop scale on the side of the can (I’m a big fan of these), it sits on the ‘tropical paradise’ side, not ‘jungle warfare’ and that’s a good way to put it. While a standard IPA really hits you, clears the nostrils, the Paradiso IPA is lighter on the aftertaste, making it ideal as a sessionable, enjoyable beer whereas other IPAs are a one-of.

In terms of can design, Big Drop Brewing stick to their style and bright colour schemes. While it’s not getting a ten-out-of-ten, it’s a clean, good-looking design that’s timeless and that’s much better than some others.

All-in-all, well done to Big Drop for these two award-winning brews, they immediately jump up into my personal favourite no-alc stout and I’m looking forward to what’s next from them.


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