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“We try to express what nature gives us, using all ingredients to the right measure. Our beers contain no additives, they are unpasteurised and have a life of their own.

“They evolve with time and will always surprise your senses and emotions. Everything you will eat and drink at Frenchies is made in-house with fresh and whole ingredients.”

That’s the mantra of the crew behind Frenchies craft beer.

With a core range that includes a draught and a pale ale, one might be surprised to hear of the other two styles: Astrolabe and Laperouse. I know what you’re thinking… WTF are those?

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Malty, complex and enticing, this Biere de Garde pours a deep ruby colour. The nose is fruity and spicy. On the palate, the lean body allows the strength of the malt to shine with freshly toasted bread crust tones, caramelised dark stone fruit, spice and red berries. The finish is long and dry.

Malty, complex and refreshing, this biere de garde pours a light gold colour with notes of fresh baguette, white stone fruit and spice. The lean body allows the smoothness of the malt to shine, finishing dry and with a subtle fruit note.

My journey into Frenchie’s range began with the Laperouse. It wasn’t actually the right choice at the time. Given it followed a couple of cheeky pale ales, my tastebuds weren’t quite ready for this bold, punchy, fruity number. I actually couldn’t drink it because I needed something subtler.

Thankfully I had a Frenchies Summer XPA on hand and it was exactly what the doctor ordered: hoppy without being overbearing while packing heaps of flavour. Their pale ale is another delicious drop, thanks to French hops and citrusy vibes. I highly recommend both for a sesh or with a nice meal. On the beach. Or anywhere for that matter.

I did come back to the Laperouse a few days later and it turns out I didn’t need something subtler the first time around. It just wasn’t for me. My partner really liked it though, so you know, horses for courses and all that jazz.

The other cool thing about Frenchies is the fact the brewery/bistro is as much about the beer as it is the food. If you’re ever in Sydney in need of both, it’s certainly worth a look.

Oh, and just look at the cans. If you’re a dog fan like myself, they’re pretty hard to pass up!


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