Give your garden love this winter so it can thrive


Northcote Pottery brand ambassador and horticulturalist Melissa King shares her top tips and trends for the garden this winter including the perfect time for pruning, transplant and hydrate plants and giving your garden a colour makeover among others.

Most fruit trees will benefit from a good prune when they’re dormant in the winter months Melissa explains. This improves the quality, amount of fruit a tree bares and creates a strong framework of branches.

There are two essential tools for the pruning job; a Cyclone Compact Bypass Pruner, with non-stick coated cutting blades for lasting sharpness and a Cyclone Ratchet Bypass Lopper, which provides additional cutting force so you can tackle bigger branches with ease.

Winter is also an ideal time to transplant and hydrate plants. A Nylex Digital Rain Gauge is a great way to understand just how much water plants need. This information is helpful as well-hydrated plants and a healthy diet encourages strong, healthy root growth and reduces transplant shock.

The rain gauge measures total rainfall in selected timeframes and transmits data wirelessly up to 100m from the display, so you’ll always know when it’s time to get out the hose.

To add colour to your garden this season, Melissa recommends Pansies, Violas, Cinerarias or Polyanthus. Make this season’s hottest annuals shine in Nylex Self Watering Planters, which feature a water spout that allows water to travel directly into the reservoir and a built-in sight glass and fill level indicator to see water levels at any time.


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