Grab Dad the gift of cleanliness this Father’s Day


Ecovacs Robotics, a leader in home robotics, has announced that it will be returning to the shelves of ALDI with the DEEBOT OZMO 900 as part of the Spring Cleaning Special Buys.

It gives users a robot vacuum and mop at the heavily discounted price of $400. Usually $1,000, the DEEBOT OZMO 900 is back after a sellout earlier in the year and will hit the shelves a day before Father’s Day.

It comes loaded with features including the company’s signature Smart Navi 3.0 navigation and mapping technology which lets it scan the home and create a virtual map in the ECOVACS Home App. After generating a visual map, it will automatically create an efficient cleaning path that best suits the home environment. With obstacle detection technology, the smart robot uses anti-collision sensors to keep walls and furniture safe from marks and scuffs.

While the start of September and the farewell to winter traditionally marks the beginning of an annual spring clean for many, 2020 has delivered a huge change to Australians and their way of life. More than 95% of Australians acknowledge that their lifestyle has changed this year, with the home becoming the epicentre of daily life.

Spending more time at home than ever before has, in turn, seen a huge increase in Australians spending on home improvement and DIY as they make their home environment a more pleasant place. Recent Nielsen data reports a 139% increase in 25-39 year olds engaging with the Home and Garden category, with 35% of Australians aged 18 and over having purchased house and garden products in the previous month.

“We are all spending much more time at home right now, but of course this doesn’t change our feelings towards cleaning and related tasks. We are very pleased to be able to bring back the DEEBOT OZMO 900 at $399 while still delivering the latest vacuum, mopping and mapping technology available,” ECOVACS ROBOTICS  head for ANZ Karen Powell says.

“This promotion also comes during a particularly important period as we look to free up more time to look after ourselves and those around us. We hope this offer provides an affordable luxury to some and takes away some of the hassle from cleaning and maintaining their homes.”


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