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Heaps Normal, a non-alcoholic Aussie brewer, has released its latest brew: the Quiet XPA and it’s a refreshing, tropical beer that really hits the spot. And as Heaps Normal says, you get all the benefits of good beer, just minus the hangover.

I’ve tried a range of non-alcoholic beers in the past year and one critique that usually comes up is their lack of punch and… well, beer-y taste. That issue is non-existent with the Quiet XPA as it brings a full-bodied flavour and really hits the spot.

The brewery uses Cascade, Kohatu and Simcoe hops with pale, wheat and caramel malt and if you were to serve it up and tell me I was drinking an alcoholic tropical-style ale, I wouldn’t have thought twice.

The release also comes at an important time, during COVID-19 when alcohol consumption is increasing with people either self-isolating or staying home more with restrictions in place according to a study by the Australian National University. The self-reporting study found almost one-in-four women who drank at all (22.8%) reported an increase in drinking during May 2020. Almost one-in-five men (17.9%) reported an increase in the same period.

While it’s not fun to be stuck inside and not being able to get out of the house, there are other ways to enjoy everyone’s favourite crispy cold beverage and the Heaps Normal brew is proving that just because it doesn’t have alcohol, it doesn’t mean it’s lacking in flavour.

The Quiet XPA is out now and can be purchased either on the Heaps Normal website or through their various stockists.

I look forward to seeing what this young brewery comes up with in the future and follows on from this impressive start.


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