Hell yeah to Hellyers 15


Hellyers Road know a thing or two about producing good whisky. Its list of international and Australian awards reflects that knowledge.

I had high hopes for this drop. Having found a penchant for the 10 and 12 year drops some six or so years ago, Hellyers has regularly made its way into my spirit cabinet. It even laid the foundation for a number of Scottish friends to consider Aussie whisky as a genuine contender the next time they hit the bottle shop in search of a tipple.

Seems like the rest of the world has heard the news too as the Tasmanian whisky scene is well and truly killing it.

Hellyers has the following to say about this magnificent 15 year old whisky:

A burnished copper glow provides a backdrop to the superb sensory experience to follow. The nose is then lead to typical tones of citrus, while the palate is seduced by a velvety wave of vanilla before slowly abating to a slow, mellow and toasty aftertaste.

With all vatting and marrying done in timber casks and non-chill filtered, this magnificent 15 year old whisky delivers enhanced flavour attributes highlighted by vanilla and citrus tones entwined by a calming softness, a reflection of time spent in premium American Oak. No colouring is added to the natural golden tones derived during maturation.

I personally prefer slightly sweeter whiskies. Biscuity and vanilla would best describe my preferred flavour profiles and I reckon Hellyers nails both of these in its range.

The 15 year old drop is buttery, smooth and packed full of complex flavours. The aftertaste is long lasting and certainly worth savouring without being overdramatic.

So while a strong affinity for good whisky will likely send you broke, it’s well and truly worth it when they taste this good! Get your hands on a bottle before they’re gone.


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