Hix Brown Ale and Pale Ale


I love a long neck as much as the next person and these long necks were no exception. The brown ale tastes like a bootleg version of Guinness even though it wasn’t a stout. It was very smoky and had a lot of chocolate tones.

Hix describe it as an American/English hybrid and features two types of chocolate malts in the ingredients. Despite coming out of a bottle, it headed up very nicely and stayed, not bad and quite the enjoyable pint.

The pale ale however was not my cup of tea… mug of beer? Where the brown ale surprised me and went down smoothly, the pale ale failed to distinguish itself from other pale ales I’ve had.

All in all, it was a very nice pale ale, but it didn’t really do it for me. If you’re going for a Hix beer, I’d say grab the brown ale, it’s a unique taste that makes you come back for more.


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Sean Carroll

Since joining ManSpace magazine and thanks to the 'In the Drink' section, I've progressed from a strictly Carlton Draught/ VB drinker to a Carlton Draught/ VB drinker that occasionally tries some super weird fruity things. I think we can call that progress.

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