I don’t know who Mort is but he needs a high-five


Bentspoke Brewing Co were kind enough to send us a range of their drinks and I think I might’ve lucked out here in grabbing Mort’s Gold, Bentspoke’s clean and crisp lager.

It turns out that said ‘Mort’ is actually Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, an Australian industrialist who helped pioneer the refrigeration and meat industries as well as being the founder for our country’s first gold mining company. He died in 1878, so sadly I won’t be able to give him that high-five.

A lot of craft lagers sort of fall into the same pot and while tasting great, don’t bring as many unique flavours as other craft brews. Mort’s Gold breaks that stigma and manages to add a bit of dynamism to the ol’ lager and, in my opinion, adds the crispy parts of pale ale’s to the more stable lager taste.

I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of these once summer really kicks in; it’s a clean and crisp beer, as described, but with the base of a lovely lager.

The entire Bentspoke range gets a tick for can design and the entire range looks gorgeous alongside each other. Mort’s Gold, as one of the more usual suspects is a bit on the plain side with design but that’s to be expected, Bentspoke go all out on their seasonal and limited edition cans (I’m looking at you Resonate…).


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