Iconic Holden Monaro achieves record at auction


An Australian record was broken with the iconic Holden HT Monaro racecar selling for the highest price for an Australian Holden at auction. The 1969 HT Monaro 57D was sold for three quarters of a million this past weekend to an Australian enthusiast.

“We are extremely excited that the car will remain within Australia, this important Holden achieved the highest price for a road registerable Australian Holden ever sold at auction,” Lloyd Auctions chief operations officer Lee Hames says.

“There were seven bidders on the Holden Monaro which came down to two Australian enthusiasts who fought it out, both with the intention to keep the car within Australia.”

The car was flagged last minute as a potential export ban from the Australian government, where it may have been unable to leave the country.

“The auction had a 95% sell-through rate of cars all with very strong prices showing that the market is as strong as ever,” Lee adds.

Australian market cars weren’t the only ones set to break records with both American and more particularly European luxury indicating that markets are extremely strong here also.

“It was fantastic to see the amount of people that tuned into the auction online from all over the world to watch the five-hour live event,” Lee says.

Formula One world champion Alan Jones says that he wasn’t surprised at the prices the auction saw.

“It’s a testament to the cars and the passion of car enthusiasts,” he says.


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