It’s not actually milk and bubbles, calm down


The name milk stout scares a lot of people away and to be honest, it should. It sounds putrid.

Selfishly, that means more for me. I really like stouts and milk stouts, in my opinion, are a slight variation to that which I welcome with open arms.

Exit Brewing’s milk stout is delicious and very rich. Flavours like chocolate and vanilla bean hit your nose as you take a sip then it tastes a bit like that chocolate with notes of vanilla, toffee and espresso. Very odd but also nice.

The biggest attraction to milk stouts or just craft variations on stouts is how giddy you can get before drinking it. Who knows if it’ll be a hit or a miss or just a super duper weird drop. Exit hit the craft stout on its head with this one.


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Since joining ManSpace magazine and thanks to the 'In the Drink' section, I've progressed from a strictly Carlton Draught/ VB drinker to a Carlton Draught/ VB drinker that occasionally tries some super weird fruity things. I think we can call that progress.

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