Jawsaw: reimagining the chainsaw


WORX has released the 20V Jawsaw, a chainsaw focused on creating tools to help Aussie DIY-ers. It is the only chainsaw that can safely make cuts on the ground, minimising effort needed when chopping tree limbs or brush.

Even a first-timer can operate this fool-proof tool that is designed to give the user maximum confidence. It’s designed to cut on the ground without having to bend over or prop the wood up, meaning with just a simple push, the WORX chainsaw can slice through branches up to 10cm in diameter with a single action.

Fitted with teeth as solid as a bloke on King st, Melbourne at 3am, Jawsaw users don’t have to worry about kickback or damage as the jaw acts as a safety measure to prevent any slipping by holding the wood securely while you’re cutting.

On top of this, the chain doubles as a cut guide so you don’t accidentally remove healthy branches while working.

Weighting in at only 3.6kg, the Jawsaw is easy to handle and being cordless, is effortless to take along to different jobs. This also reduces fatigue so jobs are easier to do as well as easy to manoeuvre to chop overhead branches.

For higher branches, pop on the optional telescopic extension to increase the JawSaw’s range to 3.6m for easy reach without needing to hop on a ladder.

A 20V lithium battery powers the tool and features a single bolt that replaces and automatically sets the correct tension which prevents over-tightening. It also comes with an auto-oiler to ensure both the bar and chain is constantly lubricated.


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