Just one virgin gin and tonic, please


I used to make this joke with my friends (one that never got a laugh) where I’d just order a tonic and I’d call it a virgin gin and tonic. Now and again, when you’re out with friends and not drinking for whatever the reason may be, tonic is one of the best mixers to have.

Now, with the release of Gordon’s non-alcoholic gin and tonic in premix or spirit form, the driver for a night out can sip G&Ts with the rest of the party.

Gordon’s was kind enough to send ManSpace magazine a four-pack of the premix. Alongside the premix, the 700ml bottle of non-alcoholic gin is out now.

The spirit form packs the punch of a full-strength gin with citrusy notes while the spirit form has notes of juniper and coriander. It has been a great addition to some mocktails as it gives them that signature gin taste, something mocktails usually miss out on.

I tried it in a Negroni (with alcoholic Campari and sweet vermouth, I know, defeating the purpose) and while the gin is weaker than its full-strength companions, it mixed well and didn’t taste like it was missing anything. Now we just need to lobby for non-alcoholic Campari…

The premix bottles are much more on the sweeter side compared to the spirit with a citrusy taste as well as a hint of bitters.

All-in-all, the release from Gordon’s was a great idea and builds on the trend of non-alcoholic drinks we’ve seen building in recent years. While non-alc beers are slowly but surely getting better, non-alc spirits is a whole different beast and Gordon’s 0.0 is an excellent entry into the market.

If you’re ever out there, maybe driving to the pub, pick one up for yourself and you too can call it a virgin gin and tonic, now it just makes more sense.


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