Lawrenny Meadowbank gin: on Wednesdays we wear pink


Pink gin is something that every distillery is doing at the moment which is both great and boring. If everyone is doing it, there are bound to be some successes and some failures (Read: the Gordon’s of the world). Lawrenny Estate’s take on pink gin, its Meadowbank is one of the successes.

Named after Tasmania’s Lake Meadowbank, this gin has a gorgeous hue and the herbal, citrusy notes echo what your eyes see.

The key botanicals listed by Lawrenny are blood orange, coriander leaf, lemon thyme, raspberries, strawberries and hibiscus. Out of that list, what really stands out to me is the lemon thyme and blood orange.

It’s just such a refreshing spirit and I think some other distillers have tried to run too hard with the pink colour and forcing it to taste like berries. Yes, the Meadowbank has berry flavours but it’s not the sole flavour there.

It pairs perfectly with an Indian tonic (as suggested by Lawrenny) and I’m yet to muck around with the styles of tonic. How would a non-neutral gin pair with a non-neutral tonic? Would it be too overpowering? Those are questions I’m I no rush to answer.

In terms of design, all Lawrenny bottles are clean, smart and sophisticated. While I do love a crazy, whacky design, there’s nothing wrong with just looking classy. Also, on the Lawrenny website, there is an image of the pink bottle in front of a pink sunset, gorgeous.

I eagerly await Lawrenny’s next addition to their award-winning collection.


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