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Due to Australian summers going for longer and becoming hotter each year round, it’s no surprise that people are buying barbecue smokers more than ever before. So this begs the question; why is smoking meat becoming more popular?

“More and more Aussies are keen to enjoy the delicious smoky taste that you can only get when cooking with charcoal, wood, barbecue pellets or smoking chips,” says Fornetto general manager of outdoor leisure Graham Brake.

Graham says the key is to smoke food at low temperatures for a long period of time to keep food moist while imparting a smoky flavour.

“Current popular dishes such as smoked pulled pork and slow cooked briskets have also contributed towards the ‘low and slow’ outdoor cooking trend,” says Graham.

For those wanting to buy their first barbecue smoker, Graham shares five things to consider when shopping around for a speciality smoker:

  1. Types of smokers – There are a few different types of outdoor smokers to choose from; Charcoal, Electric, Gas or Pellet smokers. Charcoal is the most popular option for many barbecue enthusiasts who like the smoky taste.
  2. Build – The quality of the smoker determines everything. Look for quality units made from high quality materials. The steel exterior in Fornetto’s Razzo 22” Vertical Smoker helps to the retain heat and smoke and enhances airflow.
  3. Flexibility – Whether you are cooking for a small family or feeding up to 30 people, check what compartments and capacity the smoker holds. A flexible smoker will allow for convenient and smarter cooking methods.
  4. Fuel source – How often you smoke will determine the type of fuel source and how much of it you will need to buy. If you are new to the smoking game and decide to use charcoal, allow enough preparation time. If you can, opt for a higher grade natural or lump charcoal to ensure a sustained heat that also imparts an earthy flavour to your food.  If you do not see yourself working with charcoal try the pellet smokers for the authentic smokey flavour.
  5. Ventilation – When it comes to choosing a smoker, a good ventilation set-up is important due to temperature control. Controlling the temperature and air flow will help add a nice sweet mellow smoke profile to your food. Check if the smoker features indicators around air vents so you can easily see where the vent is set – this will help you regulate your temperature while you cook.

Pellet Smoker 2

“Cooking with an outdoor smoker can be both satisfying and rewarding and if you choose the right smoker to suit you, you’ll be addicted to BBQ smoking in no time!” says Graham.


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