Levi’s x Lego drop new collab


Two iconic brands have teamed up to produce a seriously cool line up of clothing to brighten up 2020!

Who doesn’t love LEGO bricks? And who doesn’t have a fond LEGO memory from their childhood (or even adulthood)? Whether you build from instructions, or dream up something from your imagination, LEGO building is the ultimate platform for creative experimentation and development.

And of course, no one loves creativity and playfulness—as well as infinite customisability—more than Levi’s. Which is exactly why the two iconic brands have teamed up for a special Levi’s and LEGO Group collection.

“This is such a fun collaboration celebrating self-expression, creativity and nostalgia,” says Levi Strauss & Co chief product officer Karyn Hillman.

“It’s Levi’s and the LEGO Group coming together to co-create something really special and new, but undeniably familiar. With the customisable baseplates, Levi’s is now literally a new blank canvas for LEGO play.”

Exclusive to the collection, the collaboration features the first-ever flexible LEGO baseplate.

It’s a pliable LEGO silicone panel onto which fans can create their own customised designs using LEGO DOTS, a new concept that was introduced by the LEGO Group earlier this year. Sewn directly on the garment, anyone can create their own design using the mosaic-like tiles that “snap” onto the baseplates.

The baseplate will be available as a customisable patch on a vintage stonewash Levi’s Trucker Jacket, Levi’s 501 ’93 jeans, and a lineup of hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, bags and accessories.

Customisation pieces from the collection will come with a Levi’s and LEGO Group branded bag of 110 LEGO DOTS, so that fans have a playful canvas for self-expression with endless options. Graphic tees are also included in the collection and while they won’t carry the customisable baseplates, they feature unique co-branded graphics that will excite fans of both brands.

LEGO elements also appear in product details across the collection including primary coloured shank buttons in yellow, red, green, blue, white and black. The Levi’s® standard leather patch has also been converted to a flexible red LEGO patch.

“There’s so much passion and energy in this partnership, working with the creative and iconic Levi’s® brand is inspiring, and is pushing the way we innovate the LEGO brand experience,” says LEGO Group senior vice president and head of product and marketing development at LEGO Group.

It’s the deep emotional connection you have to your favourite pair of Levi’s jeans, combined with the love and fondness you have for LEGO play, offering one mind blowing collection of nostalgia, playfulness, and creativity.


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