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Many things separate professionals from amateurs. Apart from working hard, acquiring new skills and being properly organised, pros are doing another important thing, always expecting the unexpected. Preparedness is essential for stepping up your game and DeWalt knows.

This is why they have designed the ultimate tool backpack for going out in the field, the DeWalt Lighted Tool Backpack Bag. The model DLG523 has 48 multipurpose inner pockets and 9 pockets on the outside. The bag itself, according to DeWalt, can hold a drill, drill bits, wrench sets, electrical testers, extension cords, screwdrivers, pliers and many more items essential for your work. Pack like a pro and then act like one.

Professionalism, however, requires a healthy dose of preparedness as well. That’s why DeWalt built in a LED light into the bag itself. Running on (2) AAA batteries, the LED light illuminates the bag’s interior, making your search for the right tool extremely easy. Besides this slick feature, you can also light up your work area by pointing the LED light in its direction.

When you show up to work with an item like this one, you will definitely be a step closer to becoming a professional. Not only will you have overcome difficulties with poorly lit rooms or night repairs, you will have become quicker and more effective. You will be able to find the correct tool in a matter of seconds and utilize it like it’s daylight. With this kind of gear you can become a hero of the day or, in this particular case, night.

I say hero because of two main reasons. The first one is that heroes help people who can’t help themselves, i.e. they possess a skill that ordinary people do not, so they use it to fix various problems. The other reason is that most heroes use a number of gadgets and gear. Having the right gear is essential for your line of work and it also separates professionals from amateurs. That being said, lets talk more about the backpack.

DeWalt’s Lighted Tool Backpack Bag Features

  • Led light with 3 levels of light output
  • 57 pockets
  • Can hold tools and parts of various kinds
  • Comfortable pads and adjustable shoulder straps

Levels of the light output allow you to control the amount of light you want to have in a specific situation. This is perfect because you don’t want too much light when doing close-up work and vice versa.

With a big front pocket and 57 pockets in total, you will have more than enough storage space in your backpack for smaller repairs and tune-ups in the field. Moreover, you will keep your tools neatly organised and safe from destruction. You don’t want your drill to be hammered.

You can pack in anything, from extension cords to electrical testers, you name it because DeWalt has you covered. There is plenty of room for all sorts of tools needed for any kind of a small repair.

Lastly, the backpack is designed to be light on your shoulders and back. Going to work will never be easier because its handles, shoulder straps and back are padded for extra comfort. The bottom of the backpack is also protected, making it a safe, long-lasting career investment.



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