Lost Trades Fair 2017


Technology has well and truly advanced the manufacturing industry; however, such advancements has come at a cost. And that’s skilled manual labour. So it’s nice to know those wonderful skills haven’t been forgotten altogether.

Here at ManSpace we’ve featured some wonderful craftsmen who have made a conscious effort to ensure their hands remain skilled in various art and building forms, so we’re excited to hear the Lost Trades Fair is back again on March 11-12 2017.

The Lost Trades Fair was founded on the principle that people are fascinated when true artisans and talented craftspeople openly demonstrate their incredible skills and share their knowledge of their trade and craft.

Lost Trades aims to inspire, to educate and to open the eyes and minds of the next generation to demand something made by a real person rather than a machine; to think about sustainability and the longevity of what they buy and use, to excite people to have the confidence to design, make and create something real, something crafted by their own hands – and to show them what people can do with practice, passion and knowledge.

In its third year the Lost trades Fair showcased over 90 makers, with some masters of their trade practising their craft for more than 60 years – openly demonstrating and sharing their skills, talent and passion for their trade. Attracting over 15,000 visitors, the Lost Trades Fair is unique, captivating and arguable the most inspiring and authentic show on earth.

The fair is a celebration of the art of skilled manual work, ancient crafts and rare trades, their special tools, traditions, languages and secrets – threatened by mass production and an ‘on demand’ culture. Unfortunately many crafts and trades have been lost to history; traditional crafts, trades and industries that once were the backbone to building our country have gone, been forgotten or simply overlooked in the wake of new technology.

The Lost Trades Fair was established to change this. The trades and the incredible artisans, workers and real makers who continue to pursue these trades as a career deserve a platform to showcase their skills, incredible craftsmanship and share their knowledge. Lost Trades was founded in 2011, we hoped to find as many artisans, makers and traditional tradespeople as we could.

Kyneton Racecourse
Campaspe Place, Kyneton
Macedon Ranges – Victoria


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