Making the most of the latest menswear trends


Warmer weather has lead to a change in menswear and Buckle | 1922 has you covered for how to stay up to date with the current fashion trends. The easiest way to update your wardrobe is through accessories including belts, braces, bowties, cufflinks and pocket squares.

This summer, pastels and lighter colours are taking centre-stage. Being light on the eyes, pastels for men provide an infusion of colour, namely rose and blue tones.

Accessories to help pull this off are pastel pocket squares against a traditionally dark jacket or blush blue cufflinks on a soft blue shirt.

Textures take a little bit, a long way as well as providing a feeling of luxury. Textured accessories are guaranteed to draw the eye and add depth including adding knits, leathers or weaves to a monochrome and plain look.

Bold patterns and print statement pieces have been welcomed back into style as a very simple way to express character and personal tastes. A subtle statement piece is an easy way to break up a simple monochrome wardrobe such as a bowtie, brace or cufflink.


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