ManSpace TV is Back!


Shane Jacobson, Dan Anstey and the boys are back for another season of ManSpace on 9Go! with this year’s series bigger and better than the last.

This year the boys are taking the ManSpace bus on tour to bring you stories from various locations around Australia.

ManSpace viewers will now also enjoy a full hour to celebrate even more awesome creations, collections and man caves.

The regular motley crew of presenters are back, with Dan Anstey and Shane Jacobsen at the helm.

Ex-AFL stars Brett “Moose” Stephens and Michael “Butch” Gale return as our resident crazy collectors, meeting those with collections that have to be seen to be believed.

Des Dowling, the Man Cave-ologist (he studied and everything) will have you reaching for the tools to build your own after seeing those he’s tracked down and given the once over.

Blockhead Dale Vine was given the task of finding DIY brewers who are creating beers in their own backyards.

Vine will be giving various beers a road test before bringing them back for Shane and Dan to sample at the Coopers Bar on ManBus HQ.

The team has also sent their intrepid hosts and presenters on other assignments to bring you the very best off-road vehicles (spoiler alert, Shane flips one), Indian Motorcycles, Batmobiles, Hamburgers, World War II fighter planes, Jet powered mini-vehicles, Shrunk down classics and much more.

Dan will tie it all together with another selection of “life-changing” Man Hacks that will (supposedly) make your life better.

ManSpace will return Monday December 7 at 7.30pm on to 9Go.



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