Modernising the Man Cave


Man caves are often set up as spaces where blokes can hang out in with their mates while watching a bit of sport and sharing plenty of banter. And while this notion will probably never change, what is changing is the way men are decking the spaces out. It’s no longer just about an old couch slapped in the middle of the room with a flat screen TV on the wall, an old bar and a whole bunch of tin signs adorning the walls. Today’s modern man is looking for something more. Dare we say it, something ‘classy’ even.

If you’re looking to set up your man cave for the first time or thinking about sprucing up your current one in order to make it just that little bit nicer and ‘family friendly’, these tips from interior decorator at Freedom, Jemma Keesing, might be just the good oil you need.

“The layout of should revolve around the TV, but also facilitate a great social atmosphere. Ample seating is necessary to ensure all of your mates feel comfortable and have a great view of the footy,” Jemma says.

“Ground the room with a generous tan leather sofa and add complimentary fabric armchairs to create a conversation pit. This is a great way to show some personality, and the leather sofa will age beautifully.

“A large coffee table or cluster of assorted side tables is a must for entertaining. Just remember to use a coaster.”

While the TV should be the main focus in a man cave where a lot of sport is consumed, it shouldn’t be the only noteworthy feature.

“The man-cave should feel like a retreat, so fill it with objects to help you relax. You might like to divide the room according to your favourite ways to unwind; a corner for your guitar set-up, a grand bookcase and reading chair in another and a sleek bar area up the back.

“Make the most of the space you have by coming up with a wish list and map out the room to suit.”

Just because you’re going for stylish, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on masculinity either.

“The urban tribal trend is a great place to start for a stylish, masculine look. Think dark, atmospheric colours, raw timber accents and black or burnished metal.

“Textured monochrome cushions and a graphic print rug will balance and soften the space. Pair the look with a faux fur throw for that luxe log house feel.”

Tin signs aren’t the be all and end all when it comes to sprucing the walls up either.

“The right print can be a great way to inject some masculinity into any room. For a man-cave though, the key is to find something that matches your personality.”

Last but not least, we encourage man caves to be enjoyed by all, so gentlemen, there is a way to make your better half or family feel comfortable in your space too.

“Add some bling for the lady in your life. Hints of copper and brass in the room warm the space and create an inviting atmosphere. Think about adding a mid-century style copper lamp or perhaps a picture of the family in a rose gold frame.”


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