27 February, 2020
May 30, 1969 SS Russian Roulette 09A
Off the Top Rope
From 1964 to 1978 the most popular sport on Australian television was professional wrestling. World Championship Wrestling captivated viewers in their lounge rooms each Saturday and Sunday, as well as in packed-out stadiums nationwide. Wrestlers such as King Curtis, Abdullah the Butcher, Mark Lewin, Bulldog Brower, Sheik Wadi Ayoub, Ron Miller and Larry O’Dea battled it out, putting on what many considered to be the greatest show of all time.
Going Silo
For 40 years, the Boquett 556-5 missile silo stood open to the elements – until Sydneysider Alexander Michael came along and took on the massive task of restoring it. Kate Jordan has the story.
Top 10 Aussie Inventions
Ever had an idea for an invention but never got around to doing more than just talk about it? Yeah, so have we… far too many times. Thankfully, we’re not all built equal, and some clever, hard-working Aussies have taken the steps to actually invent things. And not just minor things either.
Stylish Sensitivity
Philips has released a unique shaver that suits men of all generations, with patented technology that keeps sensitive skin in check.
Unwired Performance
The world’s first cordless combination hammer with 36 Volt and a compact 4.0 Ah battery pack combines benefits of corded machines with the flexibility of a cordless tool.
Now this thing looks a little bit strange but that’s what makes it so cool. We’ve all heard of the terms ‘smart car’ but what about a ‘smart bike’?
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