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In today’s world, flexible wireless technology is an essential ‘must-have’ for any multimedia device and the new KEF EGG wireless digital music system caters to your every need allowing you to stream audio anywhere with stunning soundstage performance.

KEF have created an adaptable wireless system equipped with multi-connection flexibility. Whether it’s connected to the computer as a pair of desktop speakers, hooked up to the TV for optimal sound, or used together with portable devices, the KEF EGG offers quality high-res audio that’s as seamless and impressive up close as it is from across the room.

Amplifiers are no longer necessary for this complete ‘plug and play’ system with a built in amp and DAC. KEF’s world famous Uni-Q driver is strategically placed for ultimate precision and sound dispersion with an optimised tweeter that provides a smooth and clear response while preventing distortion. Musical details are noticeably distinct with incredible depth and your listening experience will be enhanced as you enjoy superb integration and clear sound.

With Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, you can stream audio wirelessly in full stereo while all the processing takes place in the foot of the master unit, which features a mains input, a mini USB input accepts high-res audio up to 24 bit/96kHz and a 3.5mm digital optical cable comes included along with a handy remote control. If you’re after an extended bass range you can add an extra subwoofer to achieve more power as the unit provides a subwoofer output as well.

The KEF EGG is a fully self-contained speaker system offering lossless sound from the comfort of your home. As the most sophisticated and acoustically accomplished version of KEF’s iconic EGG compact speaker system it makes sense to invest in such a versatile device to match your entertainment needs and is available in selected colours (frosted blue, gloss black and pure white) to compliment your personal style.


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