Optus with Billy Bowden release the ‘Official Backyard Cricket Rulebook’


Optus is releasing the Official Backyard Cricket Rule Book this Australia Day and the man chosen to launch the book, is none other than crowd favourite cricket umpire, Billy Bowden.

In true Bowden-style the Rule Book is very tongue-in-cheek, with rules including:

  1. A batter cannot be dismissed on the first ball unless it is Australia Day and the batter is a ‘Pom’ or a ‘Kiwi’.
  2. Sledging is permitted, but limited to being personal in nature and must be directed at a family member or friend.
  3. In situations where the batter is a Pom, the bowler is permitted to tape one side of the tennis ball when bowling to assist with swing.
  4. If there is a Kiwi batting, multiple balls may be bowled.

To launch this rule book, Aussies can order one of 50 professional umpires, including Bowden, to come to their home on Australia Day and bring some law and order to a game of backyard cricket.

The campaign is in partnership with Uber which will be the mode of transport taken by the umpires to the homes around Australia this Australia day.



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