Orange is the new clear


Gordon’s has released its latest in its line of gins, the Mediterranean Orange Distilled Gin just in time for the end of summer.

A refreshing take on an absolute classic, the orange gin is a juicy and fresh version of the traditional gin either on the rocks or with a classic tonic.

ManSpace magazine was lucky enough to test out the bottle of orange gin and some premixes with soda. Luckily, here in Melbourne, we’re enjoying a string of beautiful 30° days, so we had an ideal test laboratory to review the drop.

What surprised me firstly was just how different the orange gin was to past gins, even the classic Gordon’s dry gin. It’s not just an aroma of orange and a few drops of food colouring, the orange dominates the drink. I’ll admit, this might scare away some people who go with gin for its simplicity, but it’s delicious in its own right.

We also tried the premixed bottles of the orange gin and soda. Now, I’m not one for gin and sodas, I think tonic was born to be drunk with gin, but given the sui generis of the gin, it pairs wonderfully with the soda. A bit sweet for my liking, but you get that on the big jobs expect that from nearly every premix.

I always talk about can/bottle design when reviewing the brews and the Gordon’s gin is an interesting one. The gin bottle is obviously in line with the rest of their range and it looks clean and nice, but they’ve done a smashing job on the premix bottles, looking like the kind of thing you expect to see in a sunny beer garden.

The Gordon’s Mediterranean Orange Distilled Gin and premix with soda bottles are available now across Australia.


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