Red Pelt and Heavy Handed XPA by Fox Hat Brewing Co.


Now I hadn’t a clue what to expect heading into this. An India red ale coming in at 7.8%. What would you think that tastes like?

It was quite the experience in the end; it has a very strong hoppy and malty flavour and I probably wouldn’t recommend it as a sessionable beer, but the odd few were nice.

Fox Hat describe their beer as “warming” as well as “a little angry” which I’d have to agree with although I don’t know why?

The Heavy Handed XPA on the other hand was a lot less heavy handed ironically. More of a sessionable beer at 5.2%, the extra pale ale was very conservative in a craft beer sense. It was sensible.

It’s still quite bitter and has hints of orange marmalade when first drunk but then heavier, grassier tones after.

I probably wouldn’t sesh it unless you’re ready to park the bus nice and early, but the Fox Hat range of beers I’ve tasted are a great addition to a Sunday sippers.


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