Reginald the Strong


Who’s Reginald and wow, does he only ever drink a couple of cans a night?!

These things were pretty full on, but full on good. Maybe it’s because I had some more tame cans before drinking the Reginald IPA, but this was something else. As described by the Blackman’s website: “An in your face, fruity India Pale Ale. Prominent citrus, peach and pine aromas jump from the glass and fill your nostrils with every sip.”

That’s true, it was quite woody, if that’s an appropriate description. Maybe it was the pine trees and deer on the can label that put me in that forest mood.

I really enjoyed the unique flavour it had and if I had to pick, I’ll be heading back for this and the Lemon Sorbet Sour when I get my hands on it again.

While I briefly touched on the cans before, they look amazing. I love the actual can being jet black as it makes the colourful labels stand out even more, each label looking unique next to each other while maintaining a uniform scheme.


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