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Stressful and uncertain times, such as those we’re currently living in, can call for some help to ease the burden on the body and mind.

Designed for all life stages, Naturobest’s Calcium & Magnesium with K2 and D3 powder has been forumlated to assist with stress, anxiety, muscle cramps, insomnia, those who don’t eat dairy, insomnia and more.

Therapeutic levels of well-absorbed calcium and magnesium with Vitashine, vegan-friendly vitamin D3 and natural vitamin K2 as VitaMK7 to assist calcium absorption.

  • Maintains a healthy nervous system function
  • Decreases muscle cramps
  • Maintains healthy teeth and bones
  • women and teenage girls with PMS or perimenopause
  • men and women who are trying to conceive. Calcium is important for male fertility.
  • men and women who are stressed or suffer from insomnia
  • anyone who suffers from muscle cramps
  • kids who don’t eat dairy products (for healthy bones and teeth)
  • prevention of osteoporosis – in particular in menopausal and post-menopausal women

NaturoBest founder and naturopath Nikki Warren says: “It is unique to have a therapeutic dose of both calcium and magnesium in the same formula. If one takes capsules, one would have to take about 4-6 capsules daily.

“Vitamin K2 is essential to absorb calcium into the bones and not the arteries (this reduces CVD risk). The vitamin K2 I chose is VitaMK-7 which is patented and is a natural form from natto.

“This Vitamin D is a vegan form – Vitashine® which comes from lichen. Most formula’s on the market use a vitamin D sourced from lanolin.”

The natural lemon-lime flavour goes down a treat and it’s naturally sweetened  with thaumatin which is an African mango extract. There is no sugar or artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.


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