Retro pinball machines set to break record prices at auction


Collectors, investors and gamers are flocking to purchase rare and limited edition pinball machines from an online auction this week according to Lloyds Auctions.

“The revival of retro, classic and memorabilia items including pinball and arcade machines is very strong with people frantically trying to get their hands on them to enjoy or put on display in their pool room or mancave,” Lloyds Auctions chief operating officer Lee Hames says.

There is more than just pinball machines however as Lloyd Auctions has seen its auctions increase fivefold across a range of categories including classic cars, memorabilia, fine jewellery, art and heavy equipment.

“We are seeing more and more auctions recently consisting of vintage items with Australian classic cars, vintage bikes and memorabilia but more recently pinball & arcade machines. One of our strongest performing auction categories consists of items from the 1950’s to 1990’s including cars, memorabilia, comic books, fashion clothing and old electronics,” Lee adds.

He says that phones are constantly ringing with the number of enquires on actions, most notably the Daytona USA, Star Trek, Time Machine, limited edition Mustang pinball machines.

Sales are returning back to normal with people looking to enjoy themselves again post COVID-19, where auctions are achieving solid prices with many items available at auction becoming more rare and sought-after as we move into a digital age.

“As we have seen with classic cars using one example, we have found many people buying cars because their father or grandfather had one or they remember going on holidays in the car, the car broke down while on a road trip. These memories create strong emotions with people wanting to relive or make new memories with their children in these cars and most importantly enjoy them,” Lee says.

Over 100 pinball and arcade machines are up for auction at Lloyds Auctions on Saturday 27 June.


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