Retro tech of past generations continues to inspire us


Tivoli Audio has released its Model One+-, a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio which combines analogue-inspired style and functionality and bringing a radio right out of the 1960s to your living room.

It’s a classic tabletop radio which has been redesigned to reflect the growing market share of DAB technology.

Despite going back in time with its design, it’s as functional and simple as any radio on the market today with clean lines and practical, simple knobs to control. Top firing speakers produce high-quality audio that can be enjoyed in the home with sources from DAB+, FM radio, Bluetooth or wired auxiliary sources.

Someone’s going to have to explain to the kids how the controls works as it uses an iconic tuning dial with five available presets, letting you find your channel and then lock it in for easy access. On top of that it comes with an inbuilt alarm and a smooth LED display.

It comes in a range of colours and styles including the classic walnut/beige, and now the new grey/white and oak/black designs.


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