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When it comes to camping and overnight driving expeditions roof top tents (RTT) seem to be the product on most adventurers’ wishlist. Rhino-Rack has compiled a quick reference guide for anyone who is about to invest in a RTT – to make sure that buyers make the safest and best decision regarding RTTs before setting off on their next adventure.

  • Is a RTT right for you? The decision depends on the individual’s preference. RTTs are great, but may not be for all. Whatever your decision may be, do your RTT homework before making any purchases. As they are purpose-built, they can come with a hefty purpose-built price tag.
  • Know your vehicle’s limits – Your vehicle’s manual will help you to understand your roof type and its weight limit. This can vary depending on your vehicle make and model. The weight of most RTTs on the market range from 40-60kg. It is essential to make sure the weight adheres to the loading capacity of your roof.
  • Load Ratings – A load rating is less when a vehicle is Dynamic (in motion) compared to when Static (parked). Enthusiasts are generally on the move, travelling or exploring, and need to know what weight their roof racks can handle. Rhino-Rack publishes a Dynamic load rating on their products. As a stationary vehicle can handle more weight, it is important not to choose a RTT heavier than your roof’s and roof system’s Dynamic weight capacity.
  • The Right Racks – Rhino-Rack produces a variation of roof racks that can handle the load rating of a RTT; Fixed Mounting Point, Trackmounts, Backbones and Gutter Mount systems. Visit their website to establish which system is the most compatible with your vehicle.
  • Solid Setup – Cleverly disguised as a means of entry, the ladder that comes with your RTT is actually the structural support for the overhanging section of the tent. It is common to incorrectly set up the ladder and confront structural problems as a result. When setting up, make sure you can utilise hard ground for even placement. Play it smart and pack some spare pieces of timber with you – this will help create stable ground for your ladder if need be.
  • Capitalise On Your Living Space –  You can accessorise the space surrounding your vehicle, so you are not forced to spend all your time in the RTT. Rhino-Rack has a range of shade awnings; the Foxwing Awning gives you a 270 degree shade area that pulls out directly from your vehicle. Giving you the option to crawl down from your sun-heated tent to the comfort of a large shaded area.

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