Rosey & the Rabbits gin by Bellarine Distillery


This may be the best gin I’ve ever tasted in my life. If I’m rating it on a scale from one to ten, I’m going to smack a ten as hard as I can.

Rosey & the Rabbits is a small batch of handcrafted Bellarine gin aged in ex-pinot noir barrels with sweet aromas of butterscotch, caramel and sun-dried apricots.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds wonderful.

The gin itself has a slight yellow tinge which I assume is from the ageing process and goes down a treat.

On top of that, the Bellarine Distillery has some of the most attractive bottle designs for spirits I’ve ever seen. The Rosey from ‘Rosey & the Rabbits’ is a black poodle sketched on the cover design with a slight embossing on the characters. They’ve saved no expense here and it’s absolutely worth it.

I’d highly recommend trying this gin and if you don’t, I’ll be looking to get my hands on a few more bottles. Kudos Bellarine Distillery.


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